Five Favorite Social Media Tools

It’s extremely easy to get caught up in all the elements needed to make a social media post. There are new apps released every week  (or every day) that aims to simplify the process, but it’s hard to keep up with the latest & greatest. Today I’ll break down some of my favorites to use which most have free and subscription based levels.


Evernote – to collect your notes

I’m getting back into using Evernote after having an account for years. I enjoy having the access to the app their iOS desktop app, iPhone & iPad apps and website. Evernote allows you to organize thoughts and web clippings into notebooks and tags. I will admit it takes some getting used to organizing notebooks, individual notes and tagging items, but well worth the effort.

Note: the link shared above is a referral link, meaning that I’ll receive points and rewards for directing you to the application. 

Canva – to design images in a pinch

Canva is a free tool which offers templates for common ad sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, podcasts, you name it! Also there’s a custom option when you can’t find a template to fit your needs. Canva also sends tutorials and alerts of new product sizes to your inbox (examples include: menus, business cards, invitations and more) with great information regarding design basics. If you need stock photos or icons for your creations, many are free, but others are available for $1 each. There’s a Canva for Work paid subscription option where you can quickly resize images for different platforms and create templates.

Pro tip: establish a level of consistency with your graphics. I’d highly encourage you to contact a graphic designer to layout your logo and branding first.

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Beyoncé, Budweiser & Burritos: This Week in Marketing


As many of us watched “the big game” on Sunday, I was honestly present at a Super Bowl party for the company, snacks & commercials. As a marketing geek, I studied more of the commercials rather than the big plays.

I feel that marketing is all around us, even when we least expect it. Today we’ll explore a few instances where marketing is around us and what we can learn from each one.

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