Quick Tip – Check Your Sources

Quick Tip – Check Your Sources!
As well as we all know, information is easily accessible and updates as a rapid rate. However,that is not an excuse to ignore the validity of your sources!
There are many websites out there actively trolling for ad revenue. People share their stories via social media at the quick click of a button. Instead of just reading headlines – take a few moments to read the article, investigate the website, specificially locate the “About Us” page!
At the least if it’s a legitimate site, a description would be available. If it’s not the keywords to search for are “satire” and “this is for entertainment purposes only.”
Recently I heard a Nationally syndicated morning radio show report a story from a satirical website In short, just “Do Your Googles” and check your sources to make sure they’re legit, and save yourself the embarassment.

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